October 23, 2015

You Have To Really Want It......

Top of Mt. Wilson ~ California
OK so here's the thing...I have started numerous posts in the last two days (after returning home from flying cross country to see my oldest son) and each post goes in a direction different from my original intent. 

This is it...the message I want to share today Dear Readers is, "when you think there is something you cannot do, because of fear, obstacles or personal labels...think again".

Yes, it will be very difficult, get ugly and feel like there is no way you can accomplish it....but keep in mind, beyond it is where you want to be, and YOU CAN get yourself there! 

Take comfort and strength in knowing "there is freedom pass the fear"! It doesn't necessarily feel like it at the time, and perhaps it's in the reflecting once the numbness and the feeling you've been hit by a mac truck begins to subside...but you will come to that moment when you realize, freedom from the fear is within your reach! 

You've got this...you have to really want it...and this mama really wanted to see her boy!