December 5, 2016

Happy Tears......

For the past several weeks, blog entry gems have fluttered through my brain. I toss around the idea, let it marinate, consider it more and then it gets lost somewhere in the outer hemispheres beyond my reach. I like to believe it is because I am living so precisely "in the moment", stopping to fully form the idea would spoil the magic I'm in. Or more accurately perhaps my mind is in overload and I force myself to stay in the moment and grab onto the said magic and store it for later retrieval.

However I want to look at it, I've been feeling the disconnect of not writing and the cathodic rhythm/balance it brings. 

The Christmas Season feels like just the right time to jump back in and get some warm and fuzzy, we're in this together and let's go spread some cheer vibes going. 

Carrying on with our family tradition, we are going to perform random acts of kindness as we go along our days and then place a piece of straw in our family creche for each good deed we perform. (see to the right of the manger, waiting...) Watching and hoping for padded bliss each time we walk by. Preparing a soft spot for "when baby Jesus arrives". Ahh I still hold the years when the boys were little close to my heart. (Wouldn't change the now, but love reflecting just the same)

When setting up our manger this past weekend, I debated and then tucked away the straw box, feeling our boys now 23 and 19 are rarely around and overlapping our time to chat about our deeds was feeling like a difficult feat. I would continue acts of kindness of my own, but it was a year of feeling different about the tradition and the logistics.

A short while later my oldest, his fiance, along with my younger son walked in. My darling future daughter in law looked around, spotted the creche and let out a "oh yay, let the acts of kindness begin"! My heart leaped for joy! I shared my thought of needing to let it go this year...which she quickly replied " I love that tradition" and the boys chorused with an "I'm in"!
As happy tears filled my eyes, I took out the small box of straw, delighted that the tradition would continue, lives would be touched with kindness and the sweet reminder of how blessed I am with such an amazing daughter in law to be! Welcome Kate! So glad you are part of the family! Much love!

Side note to post: the wooden bed was carved by my Dad when I was a kid. My parents used the straw similarly...well it was actually a bit different..... if we kids behaved all day we received a piece of straw before going to bed. I'm happy to report, for the most part, baby Jesus was welcomed to a soft bed.