January 15, 2017

Going Places.........

We hear it as a mantra, we even say it to ourselves, we commit to doing it more, we even do it for a day and then it slips...little by little by little, then it lays dormant because the rush of our hectic days get in the way...but thankfully we remind ourselves again.."live in the moment"!

As the new year approached, I did the typical reflecting and then the looking ahead to what I wanted to "work on" and then became overwhelmed and went right into the "yeah right, who am I kidding?"  portion of the program.

And that's when I decided to revert to baby steps will take me places and set out on a goal of more conscious "in the moment" living!

Here's just a few of the things I have noticed in the past few weeks:

Frost on the windshield is more than an aggravation when running late. It is an intricate mosaic that reveals beauty from within, while making things clearer.

Taking time to hike on a chilly winter day, reveals growth!

We are mightier than we believe we are. We just have to stop and notice!

So Dear Readers, today I offer insight from my experiences: Making an effort opens doors that felt stuck shut. It is in the little moments that we truly notice, feel and thank goodness grow! Take your own baby steps and see how far they will take you!