March 27, 2015

    One of my beliefs, ok maybe a handful of my beliefs, but they work in unison: 

Give others the benefit of the doubt

Be gentle with judgement towards others

 Choose your words carefully
and here comes the clincher that pulls it all together...

Treat YOURSELF with these same redeeming qualities!

March 19, 2015

Make The Time.................

There is something I frequently hear when presenting my Connect With Your Life talks,
"I feel guilty taking time for me" and the other obstacle I hear "I have too much to do to fit one more thing in, especially if it's for me". I get that, I was there once too. Now I think hogwash!...You've Got This!

My experience has been taking time to recharge my cell phone is essential if I want it to function properly. See where I'm going with this...It is ALSO essential to recharge ourselves if we want to function properly.

Make heartfelt time for yourself Dear Readers! Feel a flicker of Joy fill your heart while taking time for you and also as you think about creating time again tomorrow. I'm talking start small, even 10 minutes makes a difference ~ a journey starts with a step and gets easier with each one.

Here are a few things I have on my S.O.S list (Something Of Substance)

Talk on the phone with a girlfriend! No work, no stress, no medical complaints allowed. Just some fun lighthearted conversation filled with laughter that recharges us both!

Relax with a journal/ notebook. Write random thoughts, feelings, wishes and 5 things I am thankful for. This winter on the east coast there was a whole lot of wishing for warmer weather and less snow. I let my writing take me to summer " Must Do For Fun" ideas which included planting a veggie garden and going to outdoor concerts!

Play like I did as a little girl. Color ~ Slinky ~ Jacks ~ Pick Up Sticks ~ Paper Dolls. I went to the store a few years ago and bought a bagful of treats from my childhood. Oh and an Etch~A Sketch. Buying these things made me smile, taking them out brings on a smile and just seeing them when I open the closet makes me smile. It is a reminder that I took time to do some whimsical shopping that mattered to me. No guilt there!

Dance! Find a song that makes you want to move and just do it! The silly awkward feeling will pass, endorphins will kick in and you will be on your way to a happy place....if even for just a bit.

So go ahead, make your own S. O. S list and get started. Let what ever is holding you back go...and feel the sweet reward when you take time for YOU!

March 4, 2015

Peaceful Reserve.......

Greetings! Thanks for stopping by for tips and respite from the hectic and often stressful feelings we all experience on a day to day basis. 

Starting to become mindful of the "pile up" that can cloud and distract you from feeling connected, is a step towards easing, what I call "static in my mind".

In order to Connect With Your Life it is important to take a break and take a breath. 

There is importance/benefits in taking even just a few minutes periodically, to exhale, acknowledge what you greatly value and believe THERE IS a place of calm within you. 

I use a great App on my phone called "Take A Break ~ Guided Mediation". It's free at the App Store. It provides 5-10 minutes of a soothing voice to break the momentum of the hectic sometimes hamster wheel thoughts, while redirecting and creating a calming feeling in just a few minutes, allowing me to get me back on track.

Our goal is to store up a reserve of calm and peace, available to draw from when we need it. I have found this practice of recognizing, resting a moment and then redirecting, works well for me.

Give it a try! Find what works for you and create a peaceful reserve to draw from. It's worth figuring out!

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