September 11, 2016

Pass It On.......

Yesterday at a creative retreat, I eagerly listened to the speaker, wanting to find "that thing", a "take away" that would be my own aha! moment. Silently wishing, something would catapult me in a direction where things are clearer, where I ask less questions and I move in a direction that feels "right". Tall order I know, but figuring, aim high and perhaps one of my requests would fall into place.

Now I could fast forward at this point and tell you the results.  Cut to the chase and give away the ending, but then Dear Readers you wouldn't know "the how".

Anecdotes and examples of the creative process, along with where inspiration comes from and how to get from here to there, filled the air - along with butterflies dancing around us on perennial beds of beauty.

I took it all in and felt open minded to the information being provided. Realizing as I looked around, that we are all hearing the same words, but perhaps each getting a different message.  That is the thing with information, I am a believer of the thought that we interpret things differently at different times in our lives. Listening and hearing are a skill, that can enhance our lives, for the better...not always easy, but so beneficial just the same.

Here I sat open minded and ready to receive the knowledge being spoken.

Results are in.......My take away, my aha! moments were plentiful!!! One that jumped out and landed nicely in my lap was this...when we wake in the morning we never know if this is going to be the day that we will look back on in days, months or years to come, that lead us to the point we are at...just where we want to be, living our dreams, asking less questions, touching lives and making a difference.  There needs to be steps to get there and we can only connect the dots looking back, not going forward, though ironically, they move us forward!

I say yes.... I am creative, I am imaginative and I am ready! I say yes to living mindfully in my days, to taking chances, asking less questions, and nurturing my creative soul!