March 6, 2016


                Looking for a little motivation to Connect With Your Life?
           Here's a sprinkle of just that...go ahead, give some of these a try!

  • Unplug:eliminate time zappers for a few hours
  • Write a list of things you are grateful for
  • Go for a walk & look for signs of the season changing
  • Sit in a quiet space and hum a tune..nothing in particular, make it up as you go!
  • Call a loved one and just chat
  • Go through an old photo album....before they were digitized
  • Write a note to yourself, granted the first line will probably be "how bizarre this feels"...but go on to shower yourself with good wishes, dreams and positive thoughts.
  • Laugh
  • Gather pictures out of magazines that make you smile. Assemble them in a notebook, include words & phrases that encourage & motivate you.
  • Turn up the music and just dance!