February 27, 2016

We Must Imagine... It's Everything

Thank you Sheila Andrew for this card!
Aaaargh! You know when you feel like you have a million ideas in your head and you want to make them all happen, but you don't know how to harness them and make a plan, or how to begin and which one to pick because they all call your name and all seem exciting yet overwhelming, so you think, rethink and think even more and then it shifts to... questioning and it begins to feel like too much work to make anything happen and you curl up and just figure "yeah why should I even bother"...Well Dear Readers that's where I find myself!

Fortunately there is this tiny voice (as oppose to the big voices) in my head that remains. It it coaxing me to pick just one...give it 48 hours and whatever comes of it is more than if I hadn't done anything.... and then reevaluate at that point and make my next decision.

So I'm going to go for it and see where it takes me. 

I'm about the journey...I'm about the discoveries....and I'm about not getting complacent in my life. That's right! It's My Life and I'm here to live it!

February 14, 2016

So Much To Love.......

The smile on your face when you wake and see me
The amazing father you are to our boys
When your foot finds mine as we fall asleep
Your kiss before you leave for work and the two upon your return
Your patience, kindness, devotion and loyalty to our family

Who we are together and who we are individually
The look in your eye when we see each other across a crowded room
Your comfort and strength when my heart so needs it
Your quirky humor and laughter
Your touch
The amazing talents you have
Your "let's try" attitude
Cooking our Valentine meal together
Supportive of my endeavors
Giving me the last bite

Your ideas
The comfort your hug provides
Singing loud in the car with me
Wanting me
Hard working
Accepting my quirks, limitations and late night questions
Your willingness
When we slow dance
The way you ease my mind
Your generous heart

For being who you are!

February 1, 2016

Tips For Connecting With Your Life.....

Looking for ideas to help Connect With Your Life? Here's a few of mine.........

Each morning smile and welcome the day
Brush your teeth with your non dominant hand
Sing in the car
Give out 5 compliments
Initiate a hug with a loved one, and hold just that little bit longer
Sit in silence and listen to your heart
Do something spontaneous
Commit to being positive..it's a choice
Laugh regularly
Drink more water
Accept help when it is offered
Practice compassion
Hold your face to the sun and give thanks
Try a new food
List 4 things from the day you are grateful for
Treat yourself kindly
Cross something off your To Do list without even doing it
Before you get aggravated with a coworker, stop and think "is it worth it"
Send a note to a loved one telling them their qualities you admire
Get more sleep
Park a little further away, take the stairs and jump rope
Buy a pack of gum (sugar free of course) and have a bubble blowing contest
Plan YOU time
Log how much time you spend on your phone and reduce the time each day
Sing in the shower
Turn off the TV
Make a time capsule
Acknowledge some one's pains and struggles
Just listen 
Say I'm sorry
Perform Random Acts of Kindness weekly
Do something out of your comfort zone
Take chances
You don't always have to be right 
Smile at a stranger
Take a walk
Show appreciation more frequently
Slow dance
Write down a story from your childhood
Let your guard down
Ask for help when you need it
Wear something that you normally wouldn't
Lend a hand
Anticipate others needs
The split second before you go to do something...stop & really notice, be in the moment
Use positive words like "that means a lot", "I'm here if you need me" and "You've got this"
Practice patience with yourself and others