April 15, 2015

Spring Has Arrived..

Spring has made it's way back to New England. Not just on the calendar, but in real life! Timing didn't match up this year at all! It was a long and testing winter, filled with LOTS of snow and frigid temperatures for longer than any of us were amused by.

Along with it came trying times to stay positive and see the good. I am the first to admit that it is not always easy to stay in a Connect With Your Life frame of mind....but I do believe there are many advantages in doing so and I continue to make it a priority each day.

A very important component is to be aware of the simple beauty around us. These welcoming Crocus' a couple of weeks ago were my lifeline that Spring was finally making it's way to me. 

Taking the time to slow down and see them was just the gentle reminder I needed. A quiet 5 minute walk around the front yard did just the trick to center my scattered thoughts, recharge my tired mind and resume the glass to half full.

By being connected and taking  a bit of time, we are prepared to face the obstacles and responsibilities that often drain and zap our positive energy. 

So Dear Readers take a few moments each and every day to notice the beauty and Blessings around you. They have been placed before you for encouragement and motivation to take a breath, be in the moment and Connect With Your Life!