July 17, 2016

YIKES! Months since I've posted!! What it doesn't mean...it doesn't mean I've lost interest or forgotten about my blog. It doesn't mean I've run out of things to say. It doesn't mean something is terribly wrong with my computer, my health, or my family. And it most definitely doesn't mean I've been busy doing domestic things like cooking or cleaning.

What it does mean..... It means I've decided to have the "Summer Of Fun". It means I'm broadening my comfort zone and trying things that once felt beyond my personal reach. (still drawing strength & motivation from the tattoo I got in February) It means I still have days or moments in them, that I feel emotionally challenged, but I continue to try. It means choices are mine. It means I've been stopping to take a breath and putting my feet up. It means my thoughts continue to whirl with blog post ideas, and I look forward to starting back up. It means sometimes you have to cut back, to focus on other parts of your journey. 
                          It means I am Connecting With My Life!