February 18, 2015

Batten the Hatch.......

Yikes! It has been longer than I would have liked since my last post. My world has been tossed a bit, and as a result, my schedule and routine are all askew.

Here's what I would like to share today. When Life comes at you fast and stress is at a level that takes away your breath, know that .....You Will Be OK! 

The importance of staying connected in your life and knowing how to manage your own stress, plays a major role in stabilizing the rapid fire, rushing thoughts, that are all so often crushing.

Put into practice your own relaxing techniques BEFORE the inner storm hits. That way you can put them into action as soon as you need them.

Here is my go to:

Listen to relaxing nature sounds/ instrumental or meditative music to sooth and distract

Close your eyes to block out light and visual distractions

Relax and rotate shoulders to release tension and get blood flowing (helps with brain fog...or is that just me who gets that???)

Focus breath for five: Smell the roses & blow out the candles!  Heard that from a Mom to her upset  daughter, it was so very tender.

Whatever works for you, should be at the ready. Take it from me Dear Readers, I live it  first hand.......you will find peace in the practice as well as peace in the panic.  You've got this!!

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