May 6, 2015


Yesterday at 6:18 AM I found myself and thought I should reveal my location since I haven't been posting lately.

Being out of sorts, due to "Life coming at me", at what feels like rapid fire, I have felt overwhelmed....functioning certainly, but feeling lost just the same. Flipping through a book I randomly picked up off my bookshelf, I found a folded photocopy of a book page, tucked between the pages....just waiting to be discovered!

The first two paragraphs provided me insight and comfort as I interpreted the words in front of me. I share them now, with certainty that others can relate and perhaps find comfort in them too.

"You may know about riptides or rip currents. These are strong currents (1 to 5 miles per hour) near the shore and near the surface of the water. Rip currents pull you out to sea. People do not usually drown from rip currents, if they do not try to fight it by swimming directly toward shore. If you do try to fight it, you will tire because a rip current is much stronger than you are. Once you are exhausted you sink (you are not pulled) under the water...End of story.

So if fighting a rip current is not the smart thing to do, what is? Lifeguards would tell you to relax when a rip current catches you because you can keep yourself afloat easily - you dog paddle for a while, you do the backstroke for a while, you tread water for a while - and you wait. A rip current does not pull you under, it only pulls you out for a bit. So you are safe as long as you float. Soon the current will die out and you are free to swim to shore."

So at the moment Dear Readers I will enjoy floating along, as I heal this body and mind for a few more weeks. And quite is the being out to sea in rocky waters that reminds me how amazing things are back on shore and so glad that is the direction I am going in. 

~ Be kind to yourself ~ the current will pass & on solid ground you will be!

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