July 30, 2015

Patio Pleasures..............

Getting unstuck this morning!
My previous post spoke of getting stuck in our lives! In order to "snap out of it" we need to make conscious choices. Now I'm not talking overhauls...that's a whole other direction (that I mentally play around with and will write about at another time). 

I'm talking about small tweaks to our day that makes us smile, adds levity to the mundane and brings a bit of joy to both ourselves and others....we are just more pleasant to be around. 

Today I made a choice to get up a bit earlier to sit on the patio (after smiling in bed with my eyes closed and committing to making an effort today...which only makes sense if you read my previous post

That 15 minutes on the patio, feeling the coolness of the day (expected to hit 90 degrees today) watching a tiny brown squirrel jump from tree to tree and a bunny eat my perennials (REALLY bunny??? ok....happy place....happy place) allowed me to be in the moment and provide something for me to draw from later in the day.

Find your little somethings, Dear Readers! Feel the moments of joy they can bring...The choice is yours!

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