August 26, 2015

Sprinkles A Must ..............

                                  It Starts With A Dream.........

Recently had a great conversation with a friend! I explained my theory of filling parts of your days/ nights/ weekends, whenever you can.... with things that feed your soul and adds purpose!

As a result it makes the things you don't want to be, errands, housework, you name it, a bit more do able.  For example while at work and wanting to be doing something else, I have started shifting my thoughts and taking a portion of my earnings and designating it for goals. Gives more meaning to putting in time at work, knowing a piece of it has a bigger meaning than just paying bills of now.

So for me, of late, it has been daydreaming and goal setting my future filled with a bit of entrepreneurship, touching lives and artful endeavors with my live in artist in residence, I love calling my husband!

My thought is this...whatever I want to do with my life needs to start with desire...sprinkled with daydreaming, believing, planning and a notebook to capture it all. From magazine clippings, to spewing ideas and capturing them in words, to saving money along the way....I'll get there...and either way, the process is a whole lot of fun and more what it is about!!! 

So get to sprinkling Dear Readers. It's a great way to Connect With Your Life! 

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