September 5, 2015

James Taylor Wisdom.....................

As summer winds down here on the East Coast (by the calendar anyway...not by the forecast) I think about what I accomplished and didn't the past couple of months! 

In the "not so much" category was housework... which is fine by me, because quite honestly summer and housework should only be in the same sentence if separated by the words "not a priority to me".

So this morning, to kickoff Labor Day weekend I decided to do just that, a bit of labor, for an hour. I cranked 'ole reliable James Taylor and got to sprucing up the place.

My take away from the task was much more about the music and much less about what I was doing. 

JT's words resonated and spoke to me...once again!

My favorite for today was the line "the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time, any fool can do it....."! How great & true is that!?!? If you'd like to give a listen, here is a great version on YouTube

Take a moment Dear Readers and think about how you can make it part of your own life. Make choices that enhance your days.

Let the house work, or whatever your "thing" is, go from time to time...listen to your heart and make happen all you can to create a Lifetime of enjoying the passage of time.

It's a beautiful way to Connect With Your Life!

Thanks Mr.Taylor..words to live by!

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