September 20, 2015

Gentle Reminder.........

My husband (of 26 years...yikes) and I left this past Friday night with a weekend get away plan.......Disconnect to stay connected!

With Life wildly busy and chock full of things to do, we decided to sneak away for a weekend of very limited nonsense talk about all we have to do for our upcoming events or discuss decisions we need to make regarding emptying the septic, how damp the basement is and if anything is growing down there or the hole that has been in the dining room ceiling for over 6 months from when I jumped up to see if the "spot was still wet from the upstairs bathroom leak" and my fingers poked right through....who knew I could jump with such great force! 

Leaving those and all similar topics aside, we headed out for a weekend by the water to share in relaxation and connecting!

Full length conversations, reflections of years gone by and sharing dreams and future plans, along with laughter, sunrises, reading for hours and yummy food...started to work their magic.

We felt stresses drift away and a peacefulness wash over us, offering a sense of new energy to bring home with us. Now that's a souvenir! 

As the trip came to a close, I was reminded that all that we enjoyed is also at our fingertips at home. OK not the ocean...but the disconnecting from technology and each curling up with a book, chatting about "fun stuff" and   limiting conversation of all that is on our TO DO lists from time to time (I will try and stop jumping, so that should help)

Make the effort too Dear Readers and feel the benefits it provides. It makes the mundane and day to day feel just that bit easier to handle and perhaps the sink full of dirty dishes won't make you shout from the roof top "for the love of all things I the only one who knows how to use the dish washer!!!!"  Or is that just me who gets cranky sometimes??

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