November 7, 2015

Shhh...Can You Hear It???

Sometimes in the the quiet we can hear so much! The whisper becomes a little louder, the message becomes a little clearer! So why is it that if silence provides answers, we do not seek it more regularly?

Through some soul searching and deciphering, I have realized, for me, it is because often the whisper and the message feel unknown, uncomfortable and unsettling...but through each of those feelings something new, exciting and rewarding can be revealed. 

I'm feeling it's time for me to take a mini hiatus from writing....though posting hasn't been regular, it has remained as a "get to that would ya"!

I will listen for whispers and challenge the uncomfortable, in the belief that I will revel in the sweet rewards...for both myself and others. 

Follow your hearts Dear Readers and to quote my amazing, free spirited 18 year old son "you do you"!

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