December 29, 2015

Back On My Bus.......

As a follow up to my very previous post on November 7th I must share.......

The thought of exhaling, listening for the whisper and reveling in "what's next" has in fact been claustrophobic, stressful and very confusing. It hit me this morning that the holidays was a ridiculous time to seek such revelations of "finding a new" and paying attention to mindful existence beyond the Joys of Christmas. The hustle and bustle, though enjoyable in it's own right, was too consuming to think the past 8 or so weeks could be allocated for much else.

So here we are in the midst of end of the year reflection and I have to be honest I'm feeling like a hot mess! Phew letting it out feels a bit better. It is my self imposed pressure (once again) to desire an end result, how to get there, all the while not quite certain what IT even is! 

I have to imagine that I am not the only one feeling like this???... emotionally and physically exhausted, scattered and sluggish from eating too many sweets, carbs and not so healthy food?? The task of making "things right" again is daunting and feeling far from my reach.

Well it did feel far from my reach until I sat down today and reread some of my previous blog posts and was reminded of the process and steps that have encouraged and made a difference for me in the past. I have in fact felt this very way and moved through it to a place that feels much more comfortable and welcoming. 

Ironically what I was taking a break from (posting to this blog), was what helps me stay balanced and in check I guess. As I read through, the "getting back on track" felt a bit more attainable! Like seeing a long lost friend, I welcomed the feelings of familiarity.

As I have mentioned several times before, the ups, downs and let's not forget sideways, are all part of Life's journey! My goal has always been to share mine with you, opening up as much as feels comfortable. Unfortunately, some where along the way it got muddied up and I lost sight of the process, questioned myself to a fault and needed to retreat a bit.

Realizing that NOT sharing the "muddied up" part can actually be a disservice for both of us...which is far from my reason for posting.

So the take away from today's posting Dear Readers: If you too are feeling stuck, sluggish and befuddled, don't be confused and overwhelmed by feeling it will last forever. Instead take the opportunity to make choices, changes and begin the process of "feeling better" mentally and physically.

Best place to start is: 1. Be kind to yourself and don't expect speediness and answers right away. Perhaps if we had a decoder ring the job would be easier...but quite honestly it would not be as rewarding. 
2. Read this previous post that offers motivation & encouragement.
Do You Need A Band Aid 

3. Pick a person ~ be each others cheerleader. We all have something we are working on and knowing we are not alone makes it so much easier & much more fun.

4. Select one or two things you will make happen (daily or weekly) either at all or more than you are now. 

Here goes, I'll start with: For me I've realized it's important to be feeling my best inside and out to take on discoveries and journeying. In an effort to make that happen, I will unplug more. Facebook and Words With Friends time will be diminishing. Damn technology for being such a time zapper! AND I will "move" more...can't come right out and say exercise because that's just setting myself up to fail....been there, done that!

Go ahead and get back on your bus...even if you are not sure where it's going just yet. Surprises and rewards await you!!

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