January 14, 2016

When We Look With Our Hearts.....

First Thought: Really? What a mess!! Can't anyone besides me clean up!!

When I really looked:
How Blessed I am to share a studio sink with artists I love dearly
and have this fun abstract image as a result!

First thought: pretty obvious...I need to dust!

When I really looked:
Removing the antique lace really lets the beauty of not dusting 
shine through 

First Thought: Toss out this shredded packing

When I really looked:
The beautiful shape of a fabulous heart rock I received
from an awesome guy on the west coast that I love calling my son!
(who is moving back east in three weeks)

My gentle reminder for today Dear Readers.... there are many ways to look at things. In a Where's Waldo kind of way, look for various options and select the one that finds the good, the happier, the kinder and the less stress resulting.

In my next post I'll share how I apply this approach in a variety of situations and the positive results I've discovered.
Now, that being said there's not always a storybook ending....but a girl can dream ~ 

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