January 3, 2016

Less Is More....

Organizing begins of closet and life
Few days in to the new year and I'm thinking about all my "would like to accomplish" things, however not to get overwhelmed I think about what I've actually achieved so far:
Began organizing the annex closet  
Back to eating consciously  
Less online time just surfing around √ 
Jumped rope  
Mindful/reflective time to listen in the silence

Let's not get carried away and overwhelm ourselves with making our goals and wishes of change or additions crazy out of reach! Remember we want to succeed. I find in achieving the small things a momentum starts to build and we can kick start our own accomplishments and be energized to do more. 

The way I offer looking at it today Dear Readers is this, whatever we do, however small in an effort for change, it is MORE than if we haven't done anything at all! 

Each task or challenge is an opportunity to Connect With Your Life!!

Go ahead, what are you going to make happen today?

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