February 14, 2016

So Much To Love.......

The smile on your face when you wake and see me
The amazing father you are to our boys
When your foot finds mine as we fall asleep
Your kiss before you leave for work and the two upon your return
Your patience, kindness, devotion and loyalty to our family

Who we are together and who we are individually
The look in your eye when we see each other across a crowded room
Your comfort and strength when my heart so needs it
Your quirky humor and laughter
Your touch
The amazing talents you have
Your "let's try" attitude
Cooking our Valentine meal together
Supportive of my endeavors
Giving me the last bite

Your ideas
The comfort your hug provides
Singing loud in the car with me
Wanting me
Hard working
Accepting my quirks, limitations and late night questions
Your willingness
When we slow dance
The way you ease my mind
Your generous heart

For being who you are!

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