February 27, 2016

We Must Imagine... It's Everything

Thank you Sheila Andrew for this card!
Aaaargh! You know when you feel like you have a million ideas in your head and you want to make them all happen, but you don't know how to harness them and make a plan, or how to begin and which one to pick because they all call your name and all seem exciting yet overwhelming, so you think, rethink and think even more and then it shifts to... questioning and it begins to feel like too much work to make anything happen and you curl up and just figure "yeah why should I even bother"...Well Dear Readers that's where I find myself!

Fortunately there is this tiny voice (as oppose to the big voices) in my head that remains. It it coaxing me to pick just one...give it 48 hours and whatever comes of it is more than if I hadn't done anything.... and then reevaluate at that point and make my next decision.

So I'm going to go for it and see where it takes me. 

I'm about the journey...I'm about the discoveries....and I'm about not getting complacent in my life. That's right! It's My Life and I'm here to live it!

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